Digital-Out-Of-Home 2020

Digital-Out-Of-Home media (DOOH) is digital outdoor media used for advertising outside of the home. Examples of DOOH technology are Edison-built platforms such as Shark Experience powered by Verizon and the Avis Budget Group digital travel assistant

DOOH devices may include digital display, digital billboard or digital signage that changes the advertising content remotely with the use of LED and screen technology. Digital-Out-Of-Home media consists of two platforms that effectively enable the outdoor advertising of various brands.

Transforming Advertising with Digital-Out-of-Home Media

Digital-Out-Of-Home media platforms include digital billboards, signages, and digital place-based networks. Digital billboards are electronic display systems that display images, videos and animations of brands across different end-use industries for digital-out-of-home advertising.

The growth of digital screens in retail outlets, malls, airports, golf courses, bus shelters, transit systems, elevators, car rentals, etc. means there are an increasing number of digital advertising opportunities for brands to explore. In fact, according to eMarketer, this year, digital-out-of-home media ad spending will account for one-third of total US OOH ad spending, increasing by 1.6 percent to reach $2.72 billion.

DOOH Companies: Unlocking Opportunities

DOOH companies are unlocking various opportunities for advertisers to reach targeted audiences more effectively with tools and technology like Edison Interactive and superior connectivity partners such as Verizon Wireless. In the last decade, these DOOH companies have made massive advancements in advertising technology. With specified geo-targeting capabilities, advertisers are more engaged with customers in addition to enhancing the customer experience. 

Real-time news, weather and entertainment on digital screen displays has captured the attention of millions of travelers on a global scale with the help of DOOH companies. With the expansion of 5G networks and the ability to use AI (Artificial Intelligence), brands are armed with information which enables them to create more targeted Digital-Out-Of-Home media campaigns, particularly in the transportation industry including airports. 

Working with DOOH Companies for Real-Time Advertising Data

DOOH companies rapidly expanded the measurement capabilities of display advertising. With the increase of digital screens combined with real-time data, advertisers are investing more in building customized platforms and their spend. eMarketer estimates DOOH ad spend to reach $3.84 by 2023. 

Grow Your Advertising Capabilities with DOOH Companies

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