Internet Connected Devices

August 02,2021

Internet Connected Devices: What it Means for Your Business

Estimates state the average person will own and use at least 15 internet-connected devices by the year 2030. From planes, trains, and automobiles to everything in between, companies are discovering new ways how to operate their business more efficiently and effectively with the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices. Internet Connected Devices for Different Businesses IoT […]

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Edison Interactive Spotlight Program

June 04,2021

Edison Interactive Spotlight: Hung Nguyen

As part of our company culture it’s our goal for employees to feel welcomed, appreciated, recognized and are rewarded for their efforts. One of the ways we recognize employees for their hard work is with the Edison Interactive Spotlight Program. Edison’s colleagues, including our management team, acknowledge employees that have exemplified their commitment in service, […]

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connected vehicles | Edison Interactive

June 01,2021

Understanding the Connected Car Industry and How it Affects Us

A connected car is a car that communicates bidirectionally with other systems outside of the car. This allows the car to share internet access and data both inside and outside the vehicle.  General Motors was the first automaker to bring the first connected car features to market with OnStar in 1996 in Cadillac DeVille, Seville […]

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Nick Stanitz-Harper DBJ Leadership Trust

January 07,2021

10 essential traits that will make you a better salesperson

Sales reps have the difficult task of convincing buyers to put trust in them and the products they’re representing. While you don’t want to come off as pushy to consumers, you must appeal to them in a personalized way that considers their perspective and needs. This will help them trust you and your business so […]

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Customer Experience

October 16,2020

Interactive Ads Can Help Maximize Engagement

The digital realm has opened up a lot of opportunities for businesses, but it’s also opened up lots more competition. A truly successful business is one that understands the nature of this new landscape and tailors its operations accordingly. To that end, interactive ads are a great way to maximize customer engagement. Business Insider reports […]

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Jeremy Ostermiller CU Denver Business School

September 28,2020

Best of Colorado Speaker Series with Jeremy Ostermiller

Jeremy Ostermiller, CEO and Co-founder at Edison Interactive, was recently given the honor to speak at CU Denver at The Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship’s Best of Colorado Speaker Series. The program features some of Colorado’s greatest entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Ostermiller is a successful serial entrepreneur, starting his first company at the young age […]

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Nick Stanitz-Harper DBJ Leadership Trust

September 21,2020

9 KPIs to Monitor for a Stronger Bottom Line

As a sales leader, measuring the success of your company is one of the most crucial aspects of your work. To do this, you’ll need to quantify success using key performance indicators (KPIs). The right metrics will help you determine which aspects are working, which areas can be improved and what you need to do […]

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Digital-Out-Of-Home 2020

September 10,2020

Digital-Out-Of-Home Media: The Rise of DOOH

Digital-Out-Of-Home media (DOOH) is digital outdoor media used for advertising outside of the home. Examples of DOOH technology are Edison-built platforms such as Shark Experience powered by Verizon and the Avis Budget Group digital travel assistant.  DOOH devices may include digital display, digital billboard or digital signage that changes the advertising content remotely with the […]

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Leverage Customer Experience

September 09,2020

How to Leverage the Customer Experience

What is customer experience? The customer experience begins with the first and last impression customers have about your brand. Their view of your brand can impact your business objectives but ultimately it can affect your bottom line: revenue.  Why is customer experience important? Consumers have choices about where and when to spend their earned money […]

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July 28,2020

13 sales professionals share practical ways to implement sales enablement

  In today’s competitive business world, a plan for continually reaching and retaining customers is a must-have for every organization. Providing your target audience with the right products and services is just one part of the sales journey. From analytics to proper training, organizations also need to make sure that salespeople have everything they need […]

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