October 31,2022

How AI Can Improve Customer Experience: AI and Customer Experience

Machine learning is a growing resource across industries, leading many businesses wondering how AI can improve customer experience for their audiences. AI and customer experience go hand in hand innately in certain fields. It’s quickly seeping into less assuming areas like hospitality, fitness, entertainment, transportation, sports, and nearly any other industry you can imagine. But […]

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Technology in hospitality industry: Exchange between customer and cashier using smartphone

October 28,2022

Technology in Hospitality Industry: Changes in Hospitality Industry

Technology in the hospitality industry has grown and developed significantly over the past several years. When it comes to process optimization, customer experience, and growth, businesses can leverage tons of tech benefits for users, employees, and stakeholders. See how businesses meet changes in the hospitality industry head-on with tech below: Importance of Technology in Hospitality […]

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Connected vehicles: Cars driving on the highway communicating with one another

October 13,2022

What is the Future of Connected Vehicles?

Connected vehicles, like connected devices, are set to transform the world. Connected vehicle services is a growing industry that is advancing technology and the way people interact with the world. Drivers and passengers can enjoy the push for the growth in car connection. Driving can become safer and more productive with this new technology, whether […]

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white label technology solutions - person making reservation

September 30,2022

White Label Technology Solutions: Benefits for Businesses

  White label technology solutions provide efficient and effective tools to enhance customer experiences. Many businesses struggle to keep up with the demand for custom technology that meets the needs of their target audiences. At a certain phase of growth, it can be extremely beneficial to create technology catered to their unique processes. However, the […]

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programmatic mobile ad platform, hotel platform

August 23,2022

Programmatic Mobile Ad Platforms: What They Do and How They Work

Programmatic mobile ad platforms are a growing market in the advertising space across industries. With more oversight on campaigns and the ability to quickly pivot advertising, many businesses are beginning to see the value in investing in technology for a competitive edge. At the end of the day, media buyers who can leverage real-time insights […]

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cloud managed digital signage; digital fashion kiosk in mall

August 23,2022

Cloud-Managed Digital Signage: Attract More Qualified Leads

Cloud-managed digital signage delivers devices that increase conversions in advertising and further monetize service offerings. If your business is looking for ways to get more out of advertising, boost revenue, and improve customer experience, it may be a critical next step for ongoing growth. What is Cloud-Managed Digital Signage? What is cloud-managed digital signage? Cloud-managed […]

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fleet telematics devices

July 27,2022

Fleet Telematics Devices: Top Fleet Management Telematics Solutions

Fleet telematics devices enhance customer experiences and create opportunities for massive growth for businesses. With the help of smart features, drivers and passengers can have a better experience in their vehicle, through easy navigation, safety and security tools, entertainment options, and more. Meanwhile, internal teams get access to notifications, geofencing data, and rich analytics from […]

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hospitality management platform

July 12,2022

Hospitality Management Platform: Hospitality Solutions Features

More and more hotels are turning to a hospitality management platform to improve processes and customer satisfaction. There are so many opportunities to interact, advertise, and upsell with interactive devices. Whether you oversee hotels, vacation homes, or rentals, the right customized technology can give your business a boost. See some of the top features you […]

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self-service advertising system, woman at counter

June 30,2022

Self-Service Display Advertising: Why Self-Service Advertising Works

Self-service display advertising is a strategy that’s growing in popularity among media buyers. It leverages connected devices to engage with audiences, providing customized experiences, valuable tools, and meaningful messages that encourage additional brand interaction and upsell opportunities. There are several benefits to self-service service advertising, and future-thinking businesses are beginning to pay attention to the […]

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simple digital signage software, touching sign

March 02,2022

Digital Signage Software Companies: Best Digital Signage Systems

Digital signage software companies build technology solutions that solve common business issues for numerous industries. Whether your business hopes to optimize media buys, improve user experiences for customers, or boost the productivity of team members through time-saving tech, there are innumerable benefits to investing in updated technology. From digital advertising to upselling and beyond, simple […]

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